Princess Birthday Party

Princess Birthday Party

The day was finally here this past Sunday! Miss M celebrated her 6th Birthday in style!! Thanks to Pinterest and a lot of missed sleep, the party came together perfectly. My friend Amy helped me set up and I seriously could not have done it without her. The princess birthday party was perfect!!

The food table was set with the girls’ party hats that I made with cups and lemonade. Each cup had a chalkboard vinyl cutout with their name on it.


This was the Arts and Crafts table. Each bag was an individual art kit for the children. The kit contained a dowel rod that was painted either pink or purple, a pre-cut star and a piece of chiffon for the wand. Then there was also a pre-cut crown for the girls to decorate with adhesive backed jewels. In the center of the table was an art box with glitter glues and markers to accessorize to their beautiful crowns and wands. Below you can see the crowns and adhesive back jewels that were in each kit.

Miss M showing off her hat and wand that she made:) She is such a sassy 6-year-old!!

Another angle of the eating table. The pink lemonade in the middle was perfect and went with the theme of pink  and princessy! The girls even decorated their party hats with some of the jewels left from their wands and crowns.

I just love these party hats. I found the template to make them here and they were so easy.

These cake pops were amazing! The girls (and parents) absolutely loved them!!

What’s a party without some cookies! And of course, iced with the pink and purple frosting to go with the theme:)

Using my crown cookie cutter, I made some turkey and cheese, and ham and cheese sandwiches to eat before eating up all the sugary goodness!!

Princessy cupcakes with crown liners and crown accessories on top. All done with my Silhouette Cameo;). I absolutely love that thing!

Again, using the Silhouette Cameo, I made a Happy Birthday bunting banner in the shape of crowns to go with the whole princessy theme!

And of course, the beautiful birthday girl! She had such an incredible time. I had made the pettiskirt last week and posted about that here, and then decorated the tank top and made a headband to match. Strangely enough, it was kind of chilly here in Germany, so she had to wear a cardigan for the first half because she was “a bit cold” 🙂

All in all, it was a great time, the girls had a blast, dancing to Justin Bieber..(that might have been my idea…) and everyone was full of sugar by the time they had to go home.

I will be posting more from this in the weeks to come on how each thing was done so make sure you stop back by for more! Thanks for stopping by!!;)