Everyday Treats with COOL WHIP

Everyday Treats with COOL WHIP

Everyday without fail, my daughter comeshome from school and says that she is hungry. It is always nice to be able togive her a quick treat to hold her over until dinnertime. I like to use COOLWHIP Whipped Topping when making her treats to make them a bit more special. She loves the taste and thinks the addedCOOL WHIP is  more fancy.  Ipersonally do not have the time or patience to make a full on dessert everynight for after dinner, so we use everyday foods that we would have around andadd the COOL WHIP on them to make them more tasty! I add COOL WHIP to a variety ofthings that she eats but here are a few that we have done recently:

  • Pudding with COOL WHIP on top
  • Jello with COOL WHIP on the top. Even mixed together in the jello, it’s delicious!
  • Dip some homemade cookies in the COOL WHIP….yum!
  • In the winter, adding some COOL WHIP on top of some hot cocoa is her favorite! So easy and so fun!
  • COOL WHIP served with some fresh fruit is always a hit at our house. Especially with some strawberries. Delicious!

We love to have desserts that arepractical and quick because we are always on the go as a family. Between schoolevents, and after school clubs or activities, we are gone almost every night ofthe week. There really is no time to get it all done. Adding COOL WHIP tosomething that is already easy to make is just the added bonus because it makesit extra special and my daughter thinks she is at a restaurant getting extravagantdesserts.

One of my favorite recipes using COOLWHIP that I have been making for years and grew up eating is Apple Snicker Salad.Super easy and super yummy!

Bitesize Snickers – 1 bag
RedApples – 4-5 apples
COOLWHIP –large container

First, cut the bite size Snickers in halfand put them in a medium sized bowl. Then, cut up the apples to the same sizeor slightly bigger without peeling the apple. (You can peel the apple if youwish, but it is not necessary). Add those apples to the bowl. Finally, add inyour COOL WHIP and stir gently. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes to chill itand you are done. Tastes just like a caramel apple!

This is something we would always bringto cook outs and friends and family members loved it!