Free Printable Blog Planner

Free Printable Blog Planner

I have been working on this for what feels like forever, tweaking and re-tweaking it to make sure it fits my needs as a blogger. I found so many printables out there, but they were always missing something. I am incredibly Type A and it’s really annoying;). OCD at it’s best! But, I have finally created a Blog Planner where everything I need is in one place and it makes sense in my head…which makes me happy:)

The Chevron Background was found here. There are so many other colors if you want to use some;)

1. Blogger Expense Tracker

I use this sheet to track the incoming money from sponsored posts and Ads and the money I pay out each month for sponsoring other blogs or giveaway items and their costs.

2. To-Do List

I made this a little while back to keep track of the different projects I have going on. Typically the 3 categories I have are sewing, crochet, and other…but right now that “other” is wedding projects for a friend that is getting married this fall.

3. Monthly Calendar

This is pretty self-explanatory.

4.& 5. Weekly Calendars

Each day has a section for the title of the post, the notes for that post, and keywords to use. In the same area, I have “Sponsor’s posts” so that I can keep track of the lovely ladies I have on my blog that are sponsoring me. If they have something going on that day, I write it down so that I can Tweet about it or post it to Facebook to promote them. On the far right, there are boxes for “Drafted”, “Scheduled”, and “Posted” to keep track of the status of each post. Also, below that is an area to check off if it has been posted to Twitter, Facebook and Google +. (Super anal right?… I can’t help it!)

6. Sponsor Information

I use this sheet to keep track of the sponsors at Little Becky Homecky. This includes the ad size, the name of the person and blog, their twitter handle, email, and what they are doing as part of their sponsor package (i.e. Guest Posting, Sponsor Spotlight, Group Spotlight, Giveaway, etc.) Then there is a column labeled “Mentions” where I write in how many are included in their price and then an area to tally up the mentions for both Facebook and Twitter.

7. Who I’m Sponsoring

I use this sheet to track who I am sponsoring. Not everyone uses Passionfruit Ads and so I like to have all the information in one area. Here I write down the name, how much I paid (or enter Swap if that is the case), whether or not I am doing a giveaway and the item, and what to expect. In the “What to expect” section, I write down what is included in the price that I purchased so that if it gets to be the end of the month and I have not been contacted when I am supposed to be doing a Guest Post as part of my sponsorship, I can be sure to contact them.

8. Giveaway Information

This one is also pretty self-explanatory, but it keeps things organized for me so that I don’t get too carried away with what giveaways I am participating in;)

9. Monthly Stats Tracker

Finally, we have the Stats Tracker. I keep track per week, and then also monthly. The information for the Pageviews and Unique Visitors comes from Google Analytics. Then, the other information is taken from each of my Social Media sites and totaled at the end of the row. I find this to be important for updating my Sponsor page to show those interested in sponsoring what my stats are so that they can determine if Little Becky Homecky is a good fit for them to reach their target audience.

I am so excited to be sharing this with you because it has made my life so much easier! I printed out the pages, added dividers and a cover, and took them to be bound at a local print shop. I could not be happier.

Click on the links below for each page to download and print.
Blogger Expense Tracker

To-Do List

Monthly Calendar

Week (Sun-Wed)

Week (Thurs-Sat)

Sponsor Information

Who I’m Sponsoring

Giveaway Information

Monthly Stats Tracker

**Additionally, I have included the following link which is a PDF of the documents all-in-one for each month. It is set up to be printed dual sided (duplex) so you will have to print out the file 12 times (one for each month:))

Full Monthly Blog Planner

Let me know what you think! I hope you find it useful!!

**These Free Printables are for personal use only. Please do  not replicate them and sell them. Thank you.**

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