Winter-Themed Wedding Reserved Cards

Winter-Themed Wedding Reserved Cards

This past weekend, I needed to make some reserved cards for a bride we are working with. Her theme is a Winter Wedding and the decorations are gorge!! She just needed a little something for her reserved cards for the family tables, so I went ahead and got out my trust Silhouette Cameo and went to work.

I found this perfect Snowflake Place card and went to work. I had to resize the images a bit on the cutting mat so that they weren’t so small to be able to be viewed as a reserved card. Then, I simply changed around the grouping of the shapes so that I could cut them on different colored paper and it worked perfectly!

I met with her last night and she absolutley loved them!!!  I cannot wait to see them on the tables with her winter themed wedding decorations!!

Wedding Purses

Wedding Purses

Hi there!! You may remember that I made some purses for the bridesmaids of my friends upcoming wedding. Well… since those turned out so well, the mothers decided that they would like to have some as well. When I got back to the states, we went and picked out the fabric for each of the mothers/step-mothers. I am so happy with the way they look. Each one goes with the ladies’ dresses so well and it is perfect!

This first one is just brown fabric with a sheer brown/gold overlay with two peacock feathers under the sheer fabric. Love it!!


Loving this one!! Silver fabric to go with the mother’s dress and a simple brooch on a fabric yo-yo flower:) Super easy!


This one is the same concept as the first but with different feathers and different fabric. It matches the dress perfectly and I love it!!


This last one is adorable! I love the ribbon lace on it that makes it look old fashioned!

I would love to hear what you think! The mother’s were very happy so that makes it all worth it!

Crochet Hook Organizer

Crochet Hook Organizer

As part of the Hookin’…the legal way series!! that I had in June (which you can find on the sidebar over there ——->) I got the opportunity to work with Living in Amethyst on Etsy. Her shop has such amazing patterns! I love them all. I purchased this Lily Crochet Hook Organizer from her and I am so happy! I have made two so far! One for myself, and one as part of the Hookin’…the legal way!! Part 5, a giveaway and link party!!** Now closed**

The first one I made was in grey and mustard colored yarn and I love it!! I made this one with the 18 slots for the crochet hooks. I am always losing my crochet hooks, but now they are all in one place and I don’t have to worry about it. Plus, what’s better than having something made using crochet, to hold all your crochet hooks! I am so happy I got this pattern!

The pattern was really easy to follow. Just basic stitches and each pattern I have purchased from her has been amazing. Very detailed and thorough. I like that. It’s hard when you find a pattern that is hard to follow after you spent money on it;). This one was well worth the money!

This is the second one I made. It holds 12 crochet hooks. I love these colors because they are very summer-y. Yes, that’s totally a word! This one is made from Lion Brand yarns in Lullaby Pink and Peachy. They are super soft and very easy to work with!

You also have a chance to win this one that I made if you stop by the giveaway here!

Let me know what you think? How do you keep your crochet hooks organized?

Pretty Pink Pettiskirt

Pretty Pink Pettiskirt

Miss M’s birthday is just around the corner and she will be turning 6. This year, we are having a princess themed party as you may already know if you saw the invitations. I have already looked on Pinterest for some inspiration for her party and I almost have everything done that can be done;). It is taking up a lot of time!! But, that’s okay…because she’s a princess:) Or so she seems to think.

I knew that I wanted her to have a full skirt like a pettiskirt, but I really didn’t want to have to make one:). I went online and ordered a dress for her to wear at her party that had a pettiskirt like bottom to it. I was so excited about it, but then when it got here, it was too small. Story of my life. Luckily, the same day I ordered the dress, I ordered some fabric to make a  pettiskirt as a backup incase it didn’t work out. I am so glad I did!!

I have been wanting to make a pettiskirt ever since I saw the tutorial at Make It Love It. Her tutorial is absolutely amazing and so easy to follow. I do not have a ruffling foot on my sewing machine, so I did the tension/stitch length technique and it worked perfectly! While there is a lot of fabric that has to be ruffled, it really did go fast for that part. Keeping the ruffles untwisted was where I wanted to pull my hair out, so if anyone has any tips that would be AMAZING! I am not going to lie and say it was a quick project because it literally took forever and was a mess with all the fabric that was used, but the end result is totally worth it. I also love that the waistband is adjustable with the tie ribbon so that as long as her duddies are not showing, she will be wearing this for a while:) It took all I had not to try it on because it is so soft and cute! Maybe another day;)

I could not be happier. She got to see it yesterday and was so pumped that it was so full and pretty! I will still have to make a shirt for her to wear, and probably a headband, but that’s easy stuff.

I cannot wait to see it all together with the headband and shirt on the day of her party! She is so excited to be dressed for the part of the princess!!

Do you have any tips for making a pettiskirt or things that worked for you while making one.

Princess Crown Birthday Banner

Princess Crown Birthday Banner

This little Princess Crown bunting banner was displayed at Miss M’s Princess Birthday Party that I shared here. I was pretty limited as far as what I could hang at the party because the location that we rented would not allow things to be hung or taped to the walls. It was very frustrating. But, I made this bunting banner for the main food table in order to be able to display the words “Happy Birthday” as necessary!!:)

I had originally wanted to do the triangular bunting like normal, but when I saw this shape at the Silhouette store, I absolutely had to try it out.

I cut out every other letter in “Happy Birthday” in purple or pink. Then the opposite was used as the color for the crown. Using double-sided scrapbooking tape, I attached the letters to the crowns. Super easy!

The last part to do was to add the holes in the crowns to string it onto the yarn to hang in front of the table. This was just done with a hole puncher. I suppose I could have done it with the Silhouette while I was cutting everything out, but this worked just as well. Using one strand that was 7 feet for the word “Happy” and another 8 foot long strand for the word “Birthday”, white yarn was used to string it in the front of the table which was 6 ft long. Because the holes from the hole puncher were quite a bit bigger than the yarn, it was rather easy to move the crowns around in order to center them properly on the table. It worked out perfectly.

My little princess had a beautiful and matching princess crown bunting banner that she just loved to wish her a special happy birthday. Thanks for stopping by!

Victorian Inspired Clutch

FIR - Episode 1002
I made this clutch for my “secret swap” person through the Handmade Gift Exchange going on at Craftaholics Anonymous. Not going to lie, I am pretty nervous. I have never made something for someone who didn’t flat-out request what they wanted. This time, I was given a wish list to show me her tastes, and I am hoping she is going to like this.
The person that was selected for me in the swap liked Victorian things. What the heck does Victorian mean? Yeah, good ol’ Pinterest got me through that one;) I had no idea! Everything I found was lacy and ornate. I knew I had some lace to use (well an old lace shirt that I don’t wear anymore), so I started to brainstorm. Then I finally decided on making a clutch. Everyone likes clutches right? Ok…well I do! 🙂 In fact, I love them! So, I made this cute little clutch for her using a fat quarter piece of fabric I had lying around.


I really do like how it turned out so I am hoping she does!! We shall see! Fingers crossed!!!

DIY Burp Cloths

DIY Burp Cloths
This week I made some DIY Burp cloths for a friend that is having a baby boy soon! The fabric was purchased on Etsy from Cuddles & More. I absolutely love these fabrics! It’s a very soft flannel and the colors are so cute! I ordered a fat quarter bundle as was able to get two pattern pieces out of each fat quarter. It worked out perfectly! I ordered some girl flannel as well and I cannot wait to use it!

I used a pattern from Cloud9fabrics in order to make the burp cloths. I really like the contoured shape of them as they lay nicely over your shoulder. The pattern pieces are available for free and to print directly from her site. I will definitely be making more in the future. I think I just might need a little boy…or one that I can dress up from afar;) Don’t get me wrong, I love pinks and purples, but after awhile, you need a break from the same colors!
What do you think? Do you have any other burp cloth patterns that I could try

Peacock Envelope Clutch

Peacock Envelope Clutch

Today I am sharing with you a guest post I did earlier this month at HelloLidy! Her blog is super cute and you should definitely check it out!I absolutely love purses, and this is no exception. I kept seeing this on Pinterest, and thought, “Hey, I could do that”…and so I did, but as a casual clutch because that’s more my style. And the best part, is that I am going to share with you how I did it. It really was quite simple!

The materials you will need:

Basting Spray or some type of adhesive spray

Fabric for lining – 11? x 22?

Outer fabric – 11? x 22?

Heavyweight interfacing – 10? x 21?

Peacock Feather (length is depending on how much you want it to cover. I used a 16? feather, but I also snipped off quite a bit of the bottom)

Mod Podge (or homemade version)

Making the clutch-


1. Center the interfacing on the wrong side of the lining material. Iron in place.

2. Place the lining material and the outer fabric right sides together. **Your interfacing will be on the outside of the lining** Using something round, (I used a cleaning wipes container…yeah, don’t judge me), trace the outer edge on two of the corners. Cut on the line.

3. Along that same edge, mark a 3-5 inch spot to show you where to start and stop sewing. Take these two pieces to your sewing machine and stitch using a 1/4? seam allowance.

4. Snip the curved corners and clip the pointed corners to ensure they lay flat.

5. Turn this right side out and press making sure to tuck in that opening you had on the curved edge. Top stitch using 1/4? seam allowance.

6. Now you are going to fold up the end with the regular corners so that the inside fabric lining is touching. Fold down the top flap and play around with it until you get to a designated height that you like. Once you have the bottom part where you want it, pin it in place and sew it along the same line you used to top stitch in step 5.

7. Fold over the top part and you are ready to add your feather.

Adding the feather-

8. Lay your feather on top of the clutch’s flap to determine where you want it to be.

9. Next, remove the feather and take your adhesive spray and spray it to the clutch where you would like the feather to lay.

10. Carefully, lay down the feather and gently press it into place.

11. Using a soft brush and your mod podge, lightly “paint” the feather. It will want to move around a bit if you didn’t add enough adhesive spray, but you can easily move it by lifting it with a pin. The stem may stick up a bit, but the feathers are glued down so it will stay;).

12. Wait for that little guy to dry and you are done and ready to use your new clutch!!

Super easy, huh?

Let me know what you think!!