Farmhouse Up your Kitchen – DIY Ideas without remodeling

Ways to Farmhouse up your Kitchen

5 Ways to Farmhouse up your Kitchen

Are you looking to give your kitchen a makeover that doesn’t take a total to remodel to make a farmhouse feel? Here are some neat ideas that can be used to turn your kitchen into a cozy corner in just 5 steps. The best part is that a lot of these ideas don’t cost much at all. Even if you don’t use real antiques, there are plenty of ways to make a farmhouse kitchen look on a budget.


best Colors for farmhouse kitchen

One thing that stands out immediately in a country kitchen is how lived-in the walls tend to look. You don’t want to stick with all white or solid colors but subtle tones. Nice earthy colors that tend to age well over time. Creamy colors like beige and warm butter yellow. You have to remember that years of cooking will make any white wall appear yellow, but you don’t want dingy colors.

If you want to add an effect to these walls, it will look pretty authentic if you use two different colors to add an aged look. Use a lighter color first and a darker shade such as a light beige or peach over a creamy yellow. Have a soft rag dipped into the darker paint and then wring it out. This can be scrunched-up to make a soft but wrinkly texture. Put mottled patterns on the walls as you like. Do this for inner edges and spots where it livens-up solid colors.

The same can be added to age-down cabinet doors using a darker shade too. Rub the paint into cracks and anything that has texture. Use a clean sponge to clean off the excess and see how well it looks.


farmhouse kitchens cabinets ideas

The secret to any country kitchen is cabinet doors that have heavy detail. The kinds of decorative edges that resemble picture frames or decorative panels look best. If these are wooden panels you can make these look older using a stiff wire brush used for cleaning grill grates. Brush away the wood along the grain until you can see natural grain coming through. You can then use paint to age them down to give a more rustic farmhouse effect.

Older cabinet doors found at flea markets or swap meets are perfect if you’re only replacing the doors. If they’re the same size, then only the doors need changing, and also keeps your costs down. With French farmhouse kitchens, upper cabinet doors usually have glass framing. This can be done by removing the cabinet center until there’s only a frame. Have glass cut to the size of the hole and seal the glass in place.

Make a decorative frame by using thin flat wood strips from a hardware store. Use the kind that’s used for decorative edge trim. A universal sealer can attach it to the glass to make it look like glass framing.


ideas for farmhouse kitchen Windows

Regular kitchen windows are meant to look open however there weren’t windows like this more than one hundred years ago. Use the same kind of decorative trim from the hardware store and cut strips to make sections that can be glued to your window. Be sure to make a pattern that you like and cut the strips to fit that pattern. You can then use a universal silicone to attach them to the glass surface. Use paint to age them down after that.

It doesn’t have to be on the outside of the glass since you’re only creating the illusion of a framed window. But if you want to be more authentic you can repeat the same steps to put these strips on the outside. Be sure to use a weatherproof silicone so they don’t come off. Keep the strips firmly attached temporarily with masking tape where it might not sit flatter against the glass.


ideas for farmhouse kitchen Decoration

If you’ve been to TGI Fridays or other themed Americana restaurants, the authentic-looking decorations they have on the walls aren’t actually antiques. These are cleverly painted reproductions that can be bought at several online outlets. Look for cheap reproductions at outlet stores, through eBay, or even Amazon. You’ll also be interested to know that Chinese store outlets make fine reproduced copies of nearly anything antique looking.

You can also check yard sales, garage sales, and flea markets for items that are cheap. Useful decoration such as flower vases, wire baskets, wooden bowls, antique planters, and anything that fits into your farmhouse kitchen theme. If it’s made from plastic, it can be painted with regular spray paint and aged-down using dry-brushing or sponging techniques. You can find many Youtube tutorials that show you how to make an expert looking antique look for free.


ideas for farmhouse kitchen Countertops

A country kitchen will often have wooden or marble countertops. It might be harder to find an authentic version but your hardware superstore might help. Premade countertops that have very realistic marble and wood patterns can be purchased on a budget. The old ones can be removed easily and the new countertop can screw right over the old cabinet surface. Cabinet tops are the last that are attached to a kitchen, so some screws just keep them screwed on.

If you keep a keen eye, there might be an old countertop sold at antique stores. Just find a store that’s in the countryside so you don’t pay the inner-city prices.

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