Wedding Purses

Wedding Purses

Hi there!! You may remember that I made some purses for the bridesmaids of my friends upcoming wedding. Well… since those turned out so well, the mothers decided that they would like to have some as well. When I got back to the states, we went and picked out the fabric for each of the mothers/step-mothers. I am so happy with the way they look. Each one goes with the ladies’ dresses so well and it is perfect!

This first one is just brown fabric with a sheer brown/gold overlay with two peacock feathers under the sheer fabric. Love it!!


Loving this one!! Silver fabric to go with the mother’s dress and a simple brooch on a fabric yo-yo flower:) Super easy!


This one is the same concept as the first but with different feathers and different fabric. It matches the dress perfectly and I love it!!


This last one is adorable! I love the ribbon lace on it that makes it look old fashioned!

I would love to hear what you think! The mother’s were very happy so that makes it all worth it!

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