Princess Crown Birthday Banner

Princess Crown Birthday Banner

This little Princess Crown bunting banner was displayed at Miss M’s Princess Birthday Party that I shared here. I was pretty limited as far as what I could hang at the party because the location that we rented would not allow things to be hung or taped to the walls. It was very frustrating. But, I made this bunting banner for the main food table in order to be able to display the words “Happy Birthday” as necessary!!:)

I had originally wanted to do the triangular bunting like normal, but when I saw this shape at the Silhouette store, I absolutely had to try it out.

I cut out every other letter in “Happy Birthday” in purple or pink. Then the opposite was used as the color for the crown. Using double-sided scrapbooking tape, I attached the letters to the crowns. Super easy!

The last part to do was to add the holes in the crowns to string it onto the yarn to hang in front of the table. This was just done with a hole puncher. I suppose I could have done it with the Silhouette while I was cutting everything out, but this worked just as well. Using one strand that was 7 feet for the word “Happy” and another 8 foot long strand for the word “Birthday”, white yarn was used to string it in the front of the table which was 6 ft long. Because the holes from the hole puncher were quite a bit bigger than the yarn, it was rather easy to move the crowns around in order to center them properly on the table. It worked out perfectly.

My little princess had a beautiful and matching princess crown bunting banner that she just loved to wish her a special happy birthday. Thanks for stopping by!

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