Crochet Chevron Afghan

Crochet Chevron Afghan


I have gotten several emails that people weren’t finding the patterns so I pasted it below with my changes.

Row 1: With white, ch 183. (To make bigger work in multiples of 14)
Row 2:Dc in second st from hook, * Dc in each of next 14 ch, 3 dc in next ch, dc in each of next 14 ch, sk 1 ch, repeat from * across, ending with the sk 1 st, dc in last st, ch 2, turn.
Row 3: Working in back lp of sts Throughout, dc in first dc, sk 1 dc, * dc in each of next 14 dcs, 3 dc in next dc, dc in each of next 14 sts, sk 2 sts, repeat from * across, ending last repeat with sk 1 st, dc in last st, ch 2, turn.

Repeat row 3 throughout, working 8 more rows white, 10 rows of next color, 10 rows next color, 10 rows starting color, 10 rows second color, etc

Have you ever started a project and then once you realize how much time it is really going to take, you kind of wish you wouldn’t have??? That was totally how I felt with this crocheted chevron afghan. While I love it, and I am glad I completed it, it will be a LONG time before I do another!! I found a pattern for this on Pinterest and had to make it! I loved the colors she used, but I wanted to use the grey instead of the red since I am on a grey and yellow kick right now;) There are a few mistakes, but I am totally over it. I was not about to rip it out and start over! It’s only for us so I am fine with it.

My grandmother would be so proud of me!! She used to make these all the time for family members, and I do not have a clue why anyone would do more than one ever in their life time:) They take forever!! Definitely worth it, but wow! Maybe IF I do another, I will do it in the winter time because having this heavy blanket on me while completing each row is very warm!! The hubs loves it and used it last night and it covers him up (he’s 6’2″) so that’s probably why it took so long. I wanted to be sure that it would fit on him because all of our blankets only go so far on him and it’s a bit annoying because then he hoards all of the blankets!! 🙂

What do you think? You like??

Tank Top Dress

Tank Top Dress

I made this cute tank top dress last week and I absolutely love it! I found the tutorial here on Pinterest and I had to make my own. I love finding useful projects on Pinterest and trying them out! It makes me so happy when they work out! She used elastic thread in her tutorial, but I tried it using regular elastic as the waistband. I felt like it would hold up better and It fits more snug. I really love this dress!! The tank top was one that I had lying around that was a bit to short..I’m a long tank top kind of girl;). I then found this adorable polka dot fabric at a local fabric store and I really like how they look together!

I cannot wait for summer now so that I can wear it more often!

Let me know what you think!

DIY Burp Cloths

DIY Burp Cloths
This week I made some DIY Burp cloths for a friend that is having a baby boy soon! The fabric was purchased on Etsy from Cuddles & More. I absolutely love these fabrics! It’s a very soft flannel and the colors are so cute! I ordered a fat quarter bundle as was able to get two pattern pieces out of each fat quarter. It worked out perfectly! I ordered some girl flannel as well and I cannot wait to use it!

I used a pattern from Cloud9fabrics in order to make the burp cloths. I really like the contoured shape of them as they lay nicely over your shoulder. The pattern pieces are available for free and to print directly from her site. I will definitely be making more in the future. I think I just might need a little boy…or one that I can dress up from afar;) Don’t get me wrong, I love pinks and purples, but after awhile, you need a break from the same colors!
What do you think? Do you have any other burp cloth patterns that I could try

Peacock Envelope Clutch

Peacock Envelope Clutch

Today I am sharing with you a guest post I did earlier this month at HelloLidy! Her blog is super cute and you should definitely check it out!I absolutely love purses, and this is no exception. I kept seeing this on Pinterest, and thought, “Hey, I could do that”…and so I did, but as a casual clutch because that’s more my style. And the best part, is that I am going to share with you how I did it. It really was quite simple!

The materials you will need:

Basting Spray or some type of adhesive spray

Fabric for lining – 11? x 22?

Outer fabric – 11? x 22?

Heavyweight interfacing – 10? x 21?

Peacock Feather (length is depending on how much you want it to cover. I used a 16? feather, but I also snipped off quite a bit of the bottom)

Mod Podge (or homemade version)

Making the clutch-


1. Center the interfacing on the wrong side of the lining material. Iron in place.

2. Place the lining material and the outer fabric right sides together. **Your interfacing will be on the outside of the lining** Using something round, (I used a cleaning wipes container…yeah, don’t judge me), trace the outer edge on two of the corners. Cut on the line.

3. Along that same edge, mark a 3-5 inch spot to show you where to start and stop sewing. Take these two pieces to your sewing machine and stitch using a 1/4? seam allowance.

4. Snip the curved corners and clip the pointed corners to ensure they lay flat.

5. Turn this right side out and press making sure to tuck in that opening you had on the curved edge. Top stitch using 1/4? seam allowance.

6. Now you are going to fold up the end with the regular corners so that the inside fabric lining is touching. Fold down the top flap and play around with it until you get to a designated height that you like. Once you have the bottom part where you want it, pin it in place and sew it along the same line you used to top stitch in step 5.

7. Fold over the top part and you are ready to add your feather.

Adding the feather-

8. Lay your feather on top of the clutch’s flap to determine where you want it to be.

9. Next, remove the feather and take your adhesive spray and spray it to the clutch where you would like the feather to lay.

10. Carefully, lay down the feather and gently press it into place.

11. Using a soft brush and your mod podge, lightly “paint” the feather. It will want to move around a bit if you didn’t add enough adhesive spray, but you can easily move it by lifting it with a pin. The stem may stick up a bit, but the feathers are glued down so it will stay;).

12. Wait for that little guy to dry and you are done and ready to use your new clutch!!

Super easy, huh?

Let me know what you think!!