DIY Peacock Boutonnieres

I am so excited about these boutonnieres. My friend (basically my little sister) is getting married in September, and is having this gorgeous cognac color for her main color. It definitely reminds me a fall! So, we decided that I would take care of the boutonnieres and I just love the way they turned out! Unfortunately, the bride likes them, and the mother doesn’t…I’m over it…I still like them. Plus, it’s the bride’s wedding, is it not???


These were so simple to make!

All you need is some glue (both hot glue and a fabric glue or something strong (I used Gutermann), a peacock feather, coordinating ribbon, and coordinating fabric for the rolled flower.

First, I took the peacock feather and trimmed off some of the excess to get it to the size I wanted it to be. Then, I tied the base of the feather so that the bottom would stay “tight” looking. Next, I plucked two feathers off of the bottom part that was cut off and glued those in front of the feather for added texture. Then, I took the bottom of the peacock feather that I just cut off (the super white part …yeah real technical huh?) and snipped the bottom off so it was about 3 inches long. This part is much thicker so it was able to be a stronger base for the ribbon. Then, using the hot glue, I glued the ribbon, skinny stem of the peacock feather, and the fat stem (the super white part), and started wrapping the ribbon around all the way down to the desired length and back up. I finished it off with some hot glue to hold the ribbon in place. Finally, taking a rolled flower, I hot glued that on top and it was done!

The reason for the flowers is so that they would go with the clutches made for the girls in the wedding.

I am absolutely obsessed with DIY wedding projects because it makes it so much more personal and then you are sure to get what you want, and don’t have to settle on something that is similar!

Going to be trying out some other boutonnieres too to see if the brides mother will be happy with something else….;) wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think!

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